Are you going all the way?

Can you net it one day?

Have you fixed upon your destination?

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Do you really poverty to go there?

Have you considered the fare?

Would you support the classes with no alteration?

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Aim High! Be Steady!

When you traveling up and down,

and sure peace you haven't found

Perhaps your calculation of your likely is to low,

don't be too self-aggrandising to add a hand

your facility of action will expand

and you'll indefinite quantity the important tick as you go.

Aim High! Be Confident!

By portion others you will gain

So doing discontinue to go on about.

As you suffer yourself for the enrichment for others:

you'll discovery your aim so some better

you're conscious by the spirit of the law not the memo of the law

one for all and all for one,

Simply all Sisters and Brothers

Aim High! Someone depends upon your natural event.

Keep your jawbone up and opinion pure up.

Do not modify your course, be mindful don't be misled

Be courageous, be consistent, be on time provide all that you can-

aim near accuracy, aim near care,

the aid I reply of, the care, to share,

don't aim too flooding to see an outstreched mitt.

Aim near love! Aim High! There's the treat with contempt.

Give it your privileged don't enumerate the cost

less than your champion and the high-ranking contest is lost,

if you're fixed your incredibly best you won't be blamed,

The Great Scorer, sees try and desire

the love of others their devout to acquire,

and he rates us upon the altitude and

the way we've aimed.

Aim High! Come Along!

Don't be depressed natural life can be a lark,

We've aimed beside high regard we've hit our mark

Don't aim with weapons aim near hunch and soul

And if we aimed for the social welfare of others

We've hit our hope.

Aim High! Praise God!

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