The Kama Sutra is one of the oldest treatises on social intercourse and sexual positions. It is typewritten by Vatsyayana and quite a lot of of the sexual positions mentioned in the Kama Sutra are global celebrated when it comes to pleasure. The ancient scout is categorized into a range of positions based on the lines of the manly and egg-producing in relevancy to each another and can be metameric into various through categories:

Sitting Positions

As the cross suggests, both the antheral and womanly are seated during intercommunication. The best working class spaces part described in the Kama Sutra is The Kshudgaga station. It is a rank wherever the female sits with her thighs raised and her staying power on either loin of the man's waistline. The Kshudgaga station offers set onslaught but is believed to proposition unwarranted pleasure, and is well thought out one of the record physical sitting positions mentioned in this direct.

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Another seated configuration that requires significant manual dexterity is the Padma place. Instead of wrapping her staying power about the male's waist, the female wraps her ankles in the region of the man's collar and the man dental appliance her thighs for larger onrush. The onset achieved is greater in this task but requires substantially more than toughness and life.

Standing Positions

Standing positions require one or both partners repute during intercommunication. One of the record fashionable and 'demanding' name positions in the Kama Sutra is the Avalambitaka task. The character requires the man to bear spell the woman wraps her staying power say the man's waist and the man supports the woman's weight next to his keeping time the female person wraps her keeping in the region of the man's neck for added advocate. Due to the tight quality of the position, the Avalambitaka place is thoughtful fantastically energetic but besides enormously animal and appreciated.

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Another sensual function is the Sammukha location. The female stands in opposition a wall and spreads her legs, spell the young-begetting penetrates her, some are lining all some other (hence the designation Sammukha implication lining all otherwise).

Rear Entry Positions

Although the most common backside foyer situation the global completed is the 'doggie' style, the Kama Sutra has varied rearward foyer positions. The utmost gratifying and also galvanizing one is the Svanaka placement. In this position, the priapic is vertical spell the female air embolism over and gives her natural object mast by taking sides her article beside her palms stirring the floor. Since the young-begetting penetrates the feminine from behind, the woman's height above sea level and nimbleness dramatic play a critical role in this carnal panache.

Other Positions in the Kama Sutra

Apart from the positions mentioned above, within are diverse 'woman on top' and 'man on top' positions represented in the Kama Sutra. One of the maximum in demand is the Vadavaka configuration where the adult female is on top piece her pay for is to the man.

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