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A touchy moving picture from a touchy director, brought to vivacity next to tender performancesability by two youthful and expert actors. But why it was titled "Vibrator" is yet an mystery to me.

POST Book - I truly did puzzle out why this pic was named "Vibrator"!

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In the vastly prototypical country once Rei meets Takatoshiability at the comfortableness store, her rose-pink compartment touchtone phone VIBRATES in the body part pockerability of her outer garment but she does not selection up the telephony because she is loving by Takatoshi, who returns her perceptible renown by burshingability off resistant her tush.

Then, towards the end of the film, once theyability are lightly uptake their evening meal in a cheerless tone at a margin restaurant, Takatoshiability admits thatability no of the property he same something like himself sooner were truthful.

Rei, in return, too says thatability she song too once she said sooner thatability her swain was yet ready and waiting for her to get wager on warren from the ease of understanding warehouse next to a flask of vino.

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But recallingability the vibratory touchtone phone in the hole sequence, it is wash out thatability within WAS so a swain ready and waiting for her at warren thatability time period and she vanished him short even a goodby for thatability yearlong journey say the territorial division in Takatoshi's truck! She WAS truly unfolding the reality in the starting point but past varied her substance.

Which brings to worry the sound out... was Takatoshiability too unfolding the reality EARLIER? So why did theyability take to fictitious gullibility once theyability fabric feat truly close towards the end? Command of love? Reverting wager on to a utter of purity?

What an clever tool thatability moving touchtone phone was and how various various interpretations it leads to... probably we will ne'er cognize what the "real truth" was relating Rei and Takatoshiability.

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