Imagine walking on the streets of a cosmopolitan inner-city and attentive to a variety of family talking English, French, Chinese, all blended equally into one integrated stable. Imagine a ground so echoing that goes from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the gentle coastal lands of British Columbia to the fair icy glaciers of Newfoundland. Imagine a house beside a huge mixture of regions, climates, and individuals. This park is Canada - one of the large countries in the international and the largest in North America. It boasts a sound economy, surprisingly low severance rates, and a peerless do over. Nicknamed as a "mosaic of cultures," Canada has lashings to proposition no event wherever you come with from, where you deprivation to go, or what you want to do.

Where to Go

In the province of British Columbia, southwestern Canada, you will find Vancouver. A cosmopolitan metropolitan wherever the water meets the mountains. Vancouver is illustrious for its temperate weather conditions and terrific activities. You can flock to English Bay Beach during the time of year months or ski in the mountains during the wintertime. Grousse Mountain offers all kinds of comings and goings year-round from athletics and downfall going to idealist and comfy restaurants.

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Newfoundland and Labrador - specified as "the border of the earth" - propose you a viewpoint same no some other lodge. Gigantic ten thousand-year old icebergs, whales and seabirds are apparent from the seashore. Festivals and museums celebrate the individuality of this landscape and its associates. Where else will you be competent to see the prime first light in North America or look in primordial Vikings settlements?

The Niagara Falls - jillions of gallons of liquid tumbling 171 feet - is in all likelihood one of the crucial reasons to be carried to Canada. This is manifestly one of the places you should call round during your lifespan. This location offers you an wonderful panorama conjugated beside the possibleness to go under yourself in the binary compound and experience a earthy consider. The Niagara locale offers all kinds of attractions together with museums, river cruises, ship tours, hose parks, entertainment, and excellent stores.

Toronto, a metropolis regarded as the "most philosophy metropolis in the world", provides you beside the cosmopolitan feel you look forward to from all the big citites in the world. Some of its attractions reckon the CN Tower - Canada's National Tower, which at 1,815 feet, is reasoned "the world's tallest building". Shopping opportunities abound in this town - Just team leader to Queen Street where all the most important style shops are to be found. Toronto has a lot to present from museums to the Hockey Hall of Fame to art galleries; you will unquestionably discovery something that fulfills your expectations.

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For a terrain that is acknowledged for its existing cities, Canada is likewise known for its old allure. In Ottawa, the capital, you will brainwave reverberant hills, tranquil lakes, and ravishing buildings - The Gatineaus, taverns, patios, museums, and Parliamentary Hill wherever men in red coats and in height pelt caps demo at the pound of the drums. In the administrative district of Québec, Montreal and its "French joie de vivre" provides you beside a itty-bitty piece of France in North America. Montreal's cuisine, cafes, and continent genius makes it a top Canadian goal for all people no issue what verbal skill you declare.

Where to Eat

In the big cities, you will insight all kinds of cultural and popular restaurants. Canadian fast-food restaurants such as as Tim Hortons and Harvey's are set across the rural area. Some home oriented, sit-down restaurants take in the Swiss Chalet, Kelsey's, and Montana's. In Québec, more than a few touristed alternatives are La Belle Province and St-Hubert. The coastal towns are legendary for their seafood; Vancouver prides itself for substance quite a lot of of the best ever sushi in North America. Toronto and Vancouver are in particular known for subject matter the first trustworthy Chinese sustenance this loin of the Pacific.

Visas & Documents

Citizens and Permanent Residents of the United States and furthermost European countries do not want a countenance to move into Canada, however, a passport is now obligatory when flying from the USA. Citizens from other countries will demand a Temporary Resident Visa to get in the territorial division. You can call in this base camp or the nearest Canadian consulate for more numbers.

Exchange Rates

The Canadian dollar is the authorised coinage of Canada. As of February 2007, 1 Canadian Dollar (CAD) is worth:

o US$ 0.85

o EUR 0.64

o £ 0.43 1.08

o 1.08 Australian Dollars

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