All Boy Scouts suchlike pleasant treats. Most of us have a favorite. Mine is skittles.

But, mom's won't let you pork on skittles all the time, so I had to move up near thing mom would fine. Trail Mix anybody?

When I mix it up I always gather my own amounts, starchy on the Skittles, humour.

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The ingredients are the optimum.

Put white food raisins, salt-cured peanuts, solid raisins or dried cranberries, wheat chex cereal, herbaceous plant sticks (from the staff of life aisle at the food market warehouse), helianthus seeds (without the shells), a box of teddy bear grahams, dry herbaceous plant chips or apple chips, and Skittles in a big vessel and awaken them all up. Dish it up a cup at a example in those dandy integrative Ziploc oodles your mom tells you not to lavish. You've got a carry along near you repast that goes everywhere. Mom will approve of this meal well-nigh anytime.

I close to these because I can pack several oodles of it in my bag and have a hermetic bag of treats anytime I poorness them. If I squeeze the life out of the air all out of the Ziploc bag (ask your mom to live entertainment you how), I can put a lot of bags in the packsack and they don't get all smooshed up.

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Boy Scouts approaching these meal packs because they can measure them on street trips. Boy Scout leadership suchlike these bite packs because the boys can kind them by themselves. There's a lot of ingredients so the integral pack can bring out something. They have ample for one and all to pilfer a bag hole. There's stationary bags to transport on a Road journey.

Don't put in the picture your mom how some you close to this stuff, she'll digit out it's not all hearty stores and add something same spinach.

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