Project Managers and enthusiasts in the piece of land now have a locate to concentrated online. The Project Management Learning Center (PMLC) is a Project Management destined place that is balanced to become the Internet's fastest mushrooming PM sponsorship location. Through international membership, the PMLC will get a ascendant position for Project Management Knowledge, Jobs, Discussion, Articles, Industry Sites and Social Network and some so much more... The hallucination is to finance global Project Management prosperity by encouragement innovation, sanctionative members' careers and promoting league common.

The PMLC promotes the activity of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying scholarship just about Project Management and info for the benefit of human beings and the vocation.

Members trust on the PMLC as a point of technical and administrative information, possessions and work. PMLC's purpose is to foster an flavour in the Project Management profession, the PMLC as well serves student members in movement of PMP Certification nigh on the worldwide.

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Members have entree to:

Conferences, Seminars and Events

Post or Locate coming Conferences, Seminars, Training Events, etc. in the Events Calendar Section.

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PM Careers

Employers can roll job bill to a extremely targeted PM viewers from on all sides the planetary. PMLC members can consideration job sign and subject resumes on apply for.


Review articles and lessons academic on PMP Exam Prep, bear false PMP Exams or Register for Instructor Led erudition programs with different Education Partners. Or position your businesses coaching goings-on for members to play a part in.

Social Networking

Network Yourself in a PM Specific Community. Build a profile, nexus to separate members, act with some other PM's or PMP aspirants, split second message, position to seminar forums, construct articles and Blogs, move off clarification on alive articles and substantially more...


PMLC seeks to finance the field and sciences of Project Management, promote knowing of the up-to-the-minute trends and technology in the field, and bequeath modern employment for the lessons and executive stirring of its members. PMLC members besides acquire elite bough subscriptions and discounts on assorted Industry products and work.


As a member, you'll have the opportunity to better the lives of others in the PM community, volunteer for leadership positions, or attend a meeting to assemble commercial enterprise leaders and practitioners, combat the most up-to-date research, and latter-day your papers to an large-scale gathering.


PMLC profession and state reserves tender marvellous opportunities for our members. Whether you are a job seeker, authority or entrepreneur, the PMLC Job Site offers you the rim you have need of to replace. PMLC as well offers courses from the top industry institutions at sole discounts for our members.

*The work offered done this location are listed, promoted and maintained by members

PMLC bias helps adoption the pursuit of promoting the Project Management community. Membership besides enables us to make available low-cost student scholarships, monetary resource programs for steps forward of the PM occupational group and helps acquaint PM correlated careers to teen population around the worldwide.

Membership Cost

$25 US Dollars per year

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