As I deliberation of our pay to the Lord, I see us in a gigantic clash that is going on all over and done with the global. This is the war hostile GOOD and Evil, saints of God hostile the forces of evilness which has a leader, Satan, who is winning too numerous battles, but as Christians we cognise he cannot win the war. We are going to be on the successful sideways if we loiter born over again Christians. What I am sighted present is, we do not have plenty warriors, and we entail lots more than. Also I am sighted a lot of the warriors we have are weak, and a lot of the warriors are discouraged, a lot of the warriors are, for what of all time reason, burned out.

A lot of those who used to be valid warriors are hurt, quite a lot of angry, several are confused, some are on a seesaw totter, up one day fallen the next, and a number of are down. In these second life until that time the future of the Lord once we so extremely necessitate UNITY, and are fighting one of the highest wars in the times of yore of man, I see our warriors FIGHTING AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. But whatsoever of the warriors are truly tares, enemies of the cross, sacred fanatics, sacred bigots, Pharisees, publicans, warriors that went the way of Balaam and have been sincere prospering at disjunctive the warriors and hurting the warriors and have impaired our ranks.

Our leaders, ministers and pastors are in one of the greatest challenges of our Christians lives, to be able to atomic number 82 our warriors and to convey them into one faith, one God, and one intention and that is to row the encounter beside unclouded confidence and admire of God and to annihilate the enemy in our camps or churches. There are individuals warriors developing up all done the planetary that are great warriors and they are individual accustomed to genuinely cognise their rival and to shelf and face-off as daylong as they in concert. In the se final life in which we are living, we are going to see various warriors rising up and future to the anterior lines of the struggle. We have a lot of old warriors that are in the war and them helping instruct the childlike warriors to conflict and to be officers and warriors for the in advance lines.

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I'm not one bit disconsolate something like the tares or the enemy into our ranks because our large leader, Jesus, says to sign out them unsocial he will takings trouble of them. We demand concrete warriors today, ones who are not terrified to support and row the rival filling the ranks and the devil and all his warriors on the face. We are going to win the war and we fair have a minor more clip to get together up all the soldiers we can find, red and yellow, black and white, drug addicts, homosexuals prostitutes, men and women who do not have the competence to fight, they don't even unite the diploma of a honest warrior, but Jesus desires us to find them and let Him pick up and alleviate them and us to teach them and cause them great warriors.

The battles are going on all over. Whenever you are present in that is a marvellous need for historical warriors and historical fighters. We necessitate doctors, lawyers, well-to-do and poor, intense and small, boys and girls, men and women, whoever can clash. I brave all you out nearby who have been hurt, losses or discourage, to yield the tares or enemies on the at home and let our wonderful leader, Jesus, tie up your wounds, and get put money on in the battle, for the war is going to be over and done with previously you know it and you will be on the winning cross.

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